C0001079 - A rare group of disorders characterized by defective development of bones and cartilage. 4/10
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CUI    C0001079
CzechMedDRA Czech 10066122 L8021188preferred S10071242 Y Achondrogeneze
DutchMedDRA Dutch 10066122 L6140656preferred S7051135 Y achondrogenese
Dutch(ICD10DUT) ICD10, Dutch Translation Q77.0 L3709800no S4393035 Y Achondrogenese
EnglishICD10 Q77.0 L0001079preferred S0004759 N Achondrogenesis
EnglishICD10AM Q77.0 L0001079preferred S0004759 N Achondrogenesis
English(RCD) Read Codes PG4B0 L0001079preferred S0004759 N Achondrogenesis
EnglishSNOMED M-22410 L0001079preferred S0004759 N Achondrogenesis
EnglishNCI Thesaurus C84527 L0001079preferred S0004759 N Achondrogenesis
EnglishICD10CM Q77.0 L0001079preferred S0004759 N Achondrogenesis
EnglishMEDCIN 330541 L0001079preferred S0004759 N Achondrogenesis
EnglishMedDRA 10066122 L0001079preferred S0004759 N Achondrogenesis
EnglishSNOMEDCT_US 2391001 L0001079preferred S0004759 N Achondrogenesis
EnglishMedical Subject Headings C579878 L0001079preferred S0004759 Y Achondrogenesis
EnglishICPC2ICD10ENG MTHU002888 L0001079preferred S4100166 N achondrogenesis
EnglishCHV 0000000627 L0001079preferred S4100166 Y achondrogenesis
EnglishSNOMED Intl D4-00A10 L0001079preferred S0468351 Y Achondrogenesis, NOS
EnglishMedical Subject Headings C579878 L1002075no S14248254 Y Achondrogenesis Syndrome
EnglishSNOMED D-5203 L1002075no S1202525 Y Achondrogenesis syndrome
EnglishMEDCIN 330541 L10899771no S13553192 Y Achondrogenesis (diagnosis)
EnglishMEDCIN 330541 L10906031no S13569643 Y osteochondrodysplasia w/ defects growth tubular bones and spine achondrogenesis
EnglishSNOMEDCT_US 2391001 L2791437no S3297010 Y Achondrogenesis (disorder)
FrenchMedDRA French 10066122 L6155544preferred S7052283 Y Achondrogénèse
GermanMedDRA German 10066122 L6179952preferred S7090669 Y Achondrogenesis
German(DMDICD10) ICD-10 German Q77.0 L1229460no S1471406 Y Achondrogenesie
HungarianMedDRA Hungarian 10066122 L10016314preferred S12510980 Y Achondrogenesis
ItalianMedDRA Italian 10066122 L6180916preferred S7091392 Y Acondrogenesi
JapaneseMedDRA Japanese 10066122 L6300086preferred S7179132 Y 軟骨無発生症
JapaneseMedDRA Japanese 10066122 L6270754no S7219080 Y ナンコツムハッセイショウ
KoreanKCD5 Q77.0 L8506240preferred S10600709 Y 연골무발생증
PortugueseMedDRA Portuguese 10066122 L6181363preferred S7092096 Y Acondrogenesis
SpanishSNOMED Clinical Terms, Spanish 2391001 L3820324preferred S4503807 Y acondrogénesis
SpanishSNOMED Clinical Terms, Spanish 2391001 L3820325no S4503795 Y acondrogénesis (trastorno)
SpanishMedDRA Spanish 10066122 L6191145no S7104751 Y Acondrogénesis
NCI Thesaurus A rare group of disorders characterized by defective development of bones and cartilage.