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whosoever pron, third
nought pron, thr_sing
naught pron, thr_sing
nowt pron, third
theirselves pron, thr_plur
thyselves pron, sec_plur
suchlike pron, thr_plur
thyself pron, sec_sing
thou pron, sec_sing
whatsoever pron, free
thence pron, free
yourselves pron, sec_plur
yourself pron, sec_sing
yours pron, second
your pron, second
you pron, second
whose pron, third
whomever pron, third
whom pron, third
whoever pron, third
who pron, third
whichever pron, third
which pron, third
when pron, third
whatever pron, third
what pron, third
we pron, fst_plur
us pron, fst_plur
those pron, thr_plur
this pron, thr_sing
they pron, thr_plur
these pron, thr_plur
themselves pron, thr_plur
them pron, thr_plur
theirs pron, thr_plur
their pron, thr_plur
that pron, third
something pron, thr_sing
someone pron, thr_sing
somebody pron, thr_sing
some pron, thr_plur
she pron, thr_sing
several pron, thr_plur
ourselves pron, fst_plur
ours pron, fst_plur
our pron, fst_plur
one`s pron, thr_sing
oneself pron, thr_sing
one pron, thr_sing
no one pron, thr_sing
nothing pron, thr_sing
none pron, third
nobody pron, thr_sing
neither pron, thr_sing
myself pron, fst_sing
my pron, fst_sing
much pron, thr_sing
mine pron, fst_sing
me pron, fst_sing
many pron, thr_plur
less pron, thr_sing
itself pron, thr_sing
its pron, thr_sing
it pron, thr_sing
his pron, thr_sing
himself pron, thr_sing
him pron, thr_sing
herself pron, thr_sing
hers pron, thr_sing
her pron, thr_sing
he pron, thr_sing
half pron, third
fewer pron, thr_plur
few pron, thr_plur
everything pron, thr_sing
everyone pron, thr_sing
everybody pron, thr_sing
either pron, thr_sing
each other pron, thr_plur
each other pron, sec_plur
each other pron, fst_plur
each pron, thr_sing
both pron, thr_plur
anything pron, thr_sing
anyone pron, thr_sing
anybody pron, thr_sing
any pron, thr_plur
another pron, thr_sing
all pron, thr_plur
pron, fst_sing
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