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PreScission (trademark) chemicals for scientific use, namely, an enzyme to be used for purification of proteins.
UltraEtch (trademark) phosphoric acid
PreservCyt (trademark) liquid chemical preparatory solution
Gesapax (trademark) ametryn
Subaru (trademark) motor cars and parts thereof
PreGen Plus (trademark) pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of cancer
Pregen (trademark) Product research and development services in the fields of molecular screening, molecular diagnosis, and cancer detection
PreHistin (trademark) pharmaceutical preparations for treatment of allergic diseases--active ingred is cyanocobalamin
Super Brush (trademark) Non-electric toothbrushes; electric toothbrushes; toothpicks
Superpal (trademark) dental palladium-based alloy
SuperSkin (trademark) liquid adhesive for binding and protecting skin
Dovenix (trademark) nitroxynil
IntraTherapeutics (trademark) Medical devices, namely, cardiac catheters, peripheral vascular catheters, stents, etc
MultiMan (trademark) German hygiene products
Suprapur (trademark) chemicals
Suprax (trademark) cefixime
Ultrazyme (trademark) all-natural enzyme preparations
Supratome (trademark) microkeratome
Ultrase (trademark) pancrelipase
Intragam (trademark) blood products
Metastat (trademark) medicinal composition for treatment of metastatic cancer
PreSun (trademark) sunscreen
Permax (trademark) pergolide
Metastatin (trademark) anti-angiogenic protein compositions
Multilock (trademark) orthopedic implant
Prent (trademark) acebutolol
Previn C (trademark) antiseptic
Previn (trademark) nasal antiseptic
Perifix (trademark) medical surgical equipment
Ultracor (trademark) cardiac assist devices
ReNu MultiPlus (trademark) contact lens solution
Intergel (trademark) surgical preparation used in surgical procedures
Intermate (trademark) disposable infusion device
SuperEBA (trademark) dental cement
Metadate (trademark) methylphenidate
Metadate CD (trademark) methylphenidate HCl
SuperQuant (trademark) assay
Intracath (trademark) intravenous catheters
Ultram (trademark) tramadol
InterPro (trademark) Pharmaceutical preparations for treating leukemias and cancers, hepatitis, immune system regulation
SuperChar (trademark) activated charcoal
BromiCide (trademark) bromochlorodimethyl hydantoin
Nonin (trademark) non-invasive medical monitors and sensors
Primojel (trademark) carboxymethylated potato starch
Lexapro (trademark) escitalopram oxalate
Tapazol (trademark) methimazole
Tegison (trademark) etretinate
Provant (trademark) wound closure system
Microlite (trademark) chemical products (France)
Microlite (trademark) scissors, forceps, needle holders and needle holder forceps
Mammotest (trademark) apparatus for X-ray examination of breasts
Glade (trademark) all purpose cleaners
Oro-Clense (trademark) chlorhexidine
Macrobid (trademark) nitrofurantoin
Mytelase (trademark) ambenonium chloride
Mini-Lix (trademark) aminophylline
Levulan (trademark) 5-aminolevulinic acid
Konsyl (trademark) psyllium seed concentrate
Humorsol (trademark) demecarium bromide
Rozerem (trademark) ramelteon
Tepanil (trademark) appetite depressant tablet
Deltra (trademark) prednisone
Nilevar (trademark) norethandrolone
Haarlem oil (trademark) for kidney, liver, bladder, rheumatic, and uric-acid troubles
Reminyl (trademark) galantamine hydrobromide
Fungistat (trademark) Anti-fungal solution for medical use.
Kogenate (trademark) recombinant factor VIII preparation
Empirin (trademark) oral preparation useful as an analgesic and an antipyretic
Cortic (trademark) pharmaceutical preparations for outer ear bacterial and fungal infections
Aventyl (trademark) compound for the treatment of various mental depressive states
Cerelose (trademark) dextrose
Zocor (trademark) simvastatin
VISX Twenty/Twenty (trademark) excimer laser
PROMETA (trademark) medical treatment designed to target the adverse changes in brain chemistry that occur with alcohol, cocaine, or methamphetamine dependence
TopCross (trademark) high oil corn seed
Silv-Ex (trademark) chemicals for extinguishing forest fires
Prodafalgan (trademark) propacetamol
MetroGel-Vaginal (trademark) vaginally administered metronidazole gel
Na-Sal (trademark) sodium salicylate
Hydro-Cast (trademark) oral tissue treatment and functional Impression Material
Express-Ion C (trademark) ion-exchange cellulose
Express-Ion D (trademark) ion-exchange cellulose--diethylaminoethyl
Express-Ion S (trademark) ion-exchange cellulose--sulfoxyethyl functional group
Express-Ion Q (trademark) ion-exchange cellulose-quaternary amine
Express-Ion (trademark) ion-exchange cellulose
Ex-PRESS (trademark) eye implant for the treatment of glaucoma
Freedox (trademark) tirilazad mesylate
Purpald (trademark) 4-amino-3-hydrazino-5-mercapto-1,2,4-triazole
Cifran (trademark) ciprofloxacin hydrochloride
Micro-Oxymax (trademark) respirometer
Nu-Cidex (trademark) peracetic acid
Zig-Zag (trademark) cigarettes
Zig-Zag (trademark) cigarette rolling paper and filters
Medi-Flex (trademark) hospital supplies
Glyptal (trademark) alkyd
Nu-Serum (trademark) refined biological media for growing cell culture
Thera-Band (trademark) physical therapy device
Ortho-Cyclen (trademark) ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate
QAE Sephadex (trademark) strong anion exchange chromatography
Silky Rock (trademark) die stone
Biocol (trademark) fibrin glue
Certihaler (trademark) formoterol fumarate
Certican (trademark) everolimus
Tono-Pen (trademark) tonometer
Thromborel (trademark) human thromboplastin
Pentium (trademark) computer hardware
Lysotracker-Red (trademark) Fluorescent chemical
LysoTracker (trademark) fluorescent chemical
Aerodiol (trademark) 17beta-estradiol
Quadrisol (trademark) vedaprofen
Honeywell (trademark) manufacturer of civil and military avionics and other aerospace products
Honeywell (trademark) in-home patient health care monitoring services
FCI (trademark) fixed-cell immunofluorescence
Bowser (trademark) liquid fuel pump in Australia
Api-Zym (trademark) a Kit Containing Ampules, Incubation Trays and Lids, Report Forms, Charts for the Protection and Enumeration of Enzymes
BacT/Alert (trademark) culture media for colorimetric detection of aerobic and anaerobic microbial growth
Genethon (trademark) biotechnology lab/products
Mazda (trademark) automobiles
Bluetooth (trademark) telecommunications service
MeroGel (trademark) non-adhesive surgical sponge
MeroGel (trademark) injectable bioresorbable nasal dressing and sinus stent
Ovagen (trademark) follicle stimulating hormone preparation used in animals for induction of superovulation
Coro-Nitro (trademark) glyceryl trinitrate
Opton (trademark) German three-dimensional measurement system
Opton (trademark) electric lighting fixtures
Optotrak (trademark) motion measurement and position sensing systems
Pyrosequencing (trademark) chemical diagnostic preparations
Disk-Criminator (trademark) diagnostic instrument for measuring sensory perception
PhysioFlex (trademark) computer controlled high flow-closed circuit workstation
PharmaTrend (trademark) computer program for the pharmaceutical industry
Betaseron (trademark) recombinant human serine-substituted interferon beta
Angioguard (trademark) guidewire filter, sheath, sheath introducer, and catheters used in coronary, carotid, peripheral and surgical procedures
Angiocath (trademark) Indwelling Catheter Sets
Hula-Hoop (trademark) plastic toy hoop
POZEN (trademark) Research and development of pharmaceutical preparations and substances for others.
Chondroplast (trademark) Irradiated Bovine Cartilages for Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery
Cardiomyostimulator (trademark) generators for muscle powered cardiac assist devices
MyoLink (trademark) artificial peripheral vascular graft
Myotonometer (trademark) medical device for quantifying muscle compliance, tone, and paresis
Myocet (trademark) liposomal doxorubicin
Myosplint (trademark) cardiovascular splint
Circulaire (trademark) ovens, cooking ranges, and electric and gas cooktops
Circulaire (trademark) medical apparatus, namely, aerosol products
Steri-Neb (trademark) inhaled prescription medications for the treatment of respiratory disorders
Steri-Cath (trademark) suction catheter
Stericup (trademark) containers for medical instruments
Osmocote (trademark) fertilizer
Osmolite (trademark) liquid nutritive preparation
Megabond (trademark) dental resin
Megalac (trademark) foodstuffs for ruminants
M-M-R II (trademark) measles, mumps and rubella vaccine
Luger (trademark) gun
Swisher Sweets (trademark) cigars
Millicell CM (trademark) commercial cell culture substrate membrane
Millicell (trademark) commercial cell culture substrate membrane
Milli-Q (trademark) Reagent grade water
GlucoWatch (trademark) medical device
Arteriosonde (trademark) bloodpressure monitoring device
Visagraph I (trademark) objective measurement system
Visagraph III (trademark) objective measurement system
Visagraph II (trademark) objective measurement system
DigiGraph (trademark) diagnostic workstation for orthodontics
Sirognathograph (trademark) dental apparatus
Thrombelastograph (trademark) Blood Testing Devices for Laboratory Use in Recording Physical Characteristics of a Blood Clot.
Rauwiloid (trademark) alseroxylon
Darbid (trademark) isopropamide iodide
Proloid (trademark) thyroglobulin
Chrono-lume (trademark) chemical reagent for in vitro diagnostic use
Doxy-Tab (trademark) doxycycline hyclate
Doxy-Cap (trademark) doxycycline hyclate
Bio-Plex (trademark) chemical and biological reagents
Moissanite (trademark) silicon carbide
Fortrans (trademark) polyethylene glycol
Mono Mack (trademark) isosorbide mononitrate
Nitro Mack Retard (trademark) glyceryl trinitrate
Nitro Mack (trademark) glyceryl trinitrate
Iso Mack (trademark) isosorbide dinitrate
Iso Mack Retard (trademark) isosorbide dinitrate
Aquafresh (trademark) toothpaste
Alutard (trademark) aluminium hydroxide
UniScept (trademark) prepared microdilution antimicrobial susceptibility system
Sterilox (trademark) sterile drinking water
Sonix 2000 (trademark) nebulizers for respiration therapy
Eulexin (trademark) flutamide
Remestyp (trademark) terlipressin
NuvaRing (trademark) combined contraceptive vaginal ring
Nozinan (trademark) Levomepromazine
Intimatan (trademark) dermatan 4,6-O-disulfate
Imitrex (trademark) sumatriptan
Genasense (trademark) oligonucleutide pharmaceutical preparation
Fortum (trademark) ceftazidime
FerriSeltz (trademark) ferric ammonium citrate
Mifegyne (trademark) mifepristone
Enzacryl (trademark) polymeric organic material
Amylyte (trademark) anti-diarrheal composition
Allergovit (trademark) standardized grass pollen depot-allergoid
Acticoat (trademark) antimicrobial metal coatings for medical/dental instruments
Vaminolact (trademark) amino acid solution containing taurine
Tripedia (trademark) diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (DTaP) vaccine
TPV (trademark) tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane
Tipranavir (trademark) tris(hydroxymethyl)aminomethane
Acular (trademark) ketorolac tromethamine
Synthokine (trademark) synthetic cytokine
CG (trademark) indocyanine green
APL (trademark) human chorionic gonadotropin
GIF (trademark) protocol for graphic data compression/transmission
DBI (trademark) phenformin hydrochloride
TACE (trademark) chlorotrianisene
ELVIS (trademark) HSV test system
Suprefact (trademark) buserelin
Steradent (trademark) denture cleaning preparation
SPL (trademark) bacterial antigen
Cerestat (trademark) aptiganel
Sistalgin (trademark) pramiverine
Norisodrine (trademark) isoproterenol
Pulmozyme (trademark) dornase alfa
Provipont DC (trademark) dental restorative material
Provipont (trademark) dental preparation
Presponse (trademark) cattle vaccine
Planotest (trademark) pregnancy test
Neo-Planotest (trademark) latex agglutination
Paremyd (trademark) mydriatics
Furtulon (trademark) 5`-deoxy-5-fluorouridine
Gabitril (trademark) tiagabine
OsteoGraf (trademark) hydroxylapatite non-resorbable bone grafting material
Hypnovel (trademark) midazolam
Miranol (trademark) detergent
Levothroid (trademark) levothyroxine sodium
Negram (trademark) nalidixic acid
Patanol (trademark) olopatadine hydrochloride
Tri-Levlen (trademark) levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol
Levlen (trademark) levonorgestrel/ethinyl estradiol
Kevloc (trademark) dental instruments for treating the surfaces of dental materials
Provisc (trademark) sodium hyaluronate
Hiolein (trademark) algal oil for medical research and medical diagnostic purpose
Rastinon (trademark) tolbutamide
Rescula (trademark) isopropyl unoprostone
Froben (trademark) flurbiprofen
FluorEver OBA (trademark) light-activated, fluoride-releasing resin composite adhesive
Flixotide (trademark) fluticasone propionate
Fermosorb (trademark) lysosubtilin formulation
Etopophos (trademark) etoposide
Epogam (trademark) evening primrose oil
Episkin (trademark) depilatories and non-medicated hair growth retardants
Glucolet (trademark) lancing devices
Turisteron (trademark) ethinylestradiol sulfonate
Convulex (trademark) antiepileptic preparation
Buronil (trademark) melperone
Breox (trademark) polyalkylene glycol fluids
Biotop (trademark) medical syringes
Lexiva (trademark) fosamprenavir
Rescriptor (trademark) delavirdine
Alphen Expectorant (trademark) codeine/guaifenesin/phenylpropanolamine
Alphagan P (trademark) brimonidine tartrate ophthalmic solution
Alphagan (trademark) brimonidine
Alavac (trademark) allergy vaccine
Aflurax (trademark) gastrointestinal preparation
Actidose-Aqua (trademark) activated charcoal
Actidose (trademark) activated charcoal
Vanceril (trademark) steroid preparation
Ultradent (trademark) toothpaste
Tubex (trademark) disposable injection cartridge
Triludan (trademark) antihistamine
TempBond (trademark) dental cement
Uro-Tainer (trademark) medical devices
Atrac-Tain (trademark) moisturizing cream
Soehendra (trademark) medical devices
Sensar (trademark) intraocular lens implant
Salinum (trademark) chemical reagents
Protectaid (trademark) contraceptive sponge
Oramorph SR (trademark) sustained-release morphine sulfate
Oramorph (trademark) morphine sulfate
Neotrofin (trademark) AIT-082
Tears Naturale (trademark) eye drops
Tears Naturale Free (trademark) ophthalmic solution
Antegren (trademark) natalizumab
Hemorr-oxine (trademark) pramoxine topical
Mentadent (trademark) toothpaste
Liquigel (trademark) cough and cold medications
Refresh Liquigel (trademark) carboxymethylcellulose sodium
Liquifilm Tears (trademark) artificial tears
Liquifilm (trademark) opthalmic preparations
Lanette O (trademark) biomedical material
Narcaricin (trademark) benzbromarone
Hematest (trademark) reagent tablet to detect occult blood
Habitrol (trademark) nicotine
Ocufen (trademark) flurbiprofen
Oragrafin (trademark) sodium ipodate
Brolene (trademark) propamidine isethionate
Ammonyx (trademark) benzalkonium chloride
Ammonyx LO (trademark) detergent
Dentin-Adhesit (trademark) dental restorative kit
Actiderm (trademark) medical/surgical bandage
Wironit (trademark) casting alloys
Secholex (trademark) polidexide
Toximul MP8 (trademark) polyoxyethylene ether-based emulsifier
Toximul (trademark) industrial surfacant
Tobrex (trademark) tobramycin
Temodal (trademark) temozolomide
Stuartnatal (trademark) prenatal vitamin
Stuartnatal Plus (trademark) prenatal vitamins
Sepracell-MN (trademark) colloidal silica reagent
Tubersol (trademark) tuberculin
Sangcya (trademark) cyclosporin
RotaShield (trademark) anti diarrheal pharmaceutical preparation
Restylane (trademark) tissue augmenting gel
Rapitard MC (trademark) insulin
Rapitard (trademark) insulin
quadFERM (trademark) acidimetric method for detection of carbohydrate utilization
Carbomix (trademark) activated charcoal
Celestone Chronodose (trademark) betamethasone
Percuflex (trademark) biocompatible polymer material
Eltroxin (trademark) L-thyroxine
Oestrogel (trademark) oestradiol preparation
Normegon (trademark) gonadotrophin preparation
Noristerat (trademark) norethisterone enanthate
Neovir (trademark) sodium 10-methylencarboxylate-9-acridone
Myramistin (trademark) miramistin-darnitsa
Myoview (trademark) 99Tcm-tetrofosmin
Maxidex (trademark) dexamethasone
Mabthera (trademark) rituximab
Lipanor (trademark) ciprofibrate
Indermil (trademark) tissue adhesive
Hyalase (trademark) hyaluronidase
Hevizos (trademark) epervudine
Novodigal (trademark) beta-acetyldigoxin
Perclusone (trademark) clofezone
Fluidotherapy (trademark) therapeutic bath
FloSeal (trademark) natural and synthetic polymers for use in general surgery
Subutex (trademark) buprenorphine
Estratest (trademark) methyltestosterone
Enantone Gyn (trademark) leuprorelinacetate
Duraflor (trademark) sodium fluoride dental preparation
Desitin (trademark) medical compound for diaper rash
Airomir (trademark) salbutamol sulfate
Aliquat 336 (trademark) trioctylmethylammonium chloride
Crasnitin (trademark) L-asparaginase
Concerta (trademark) methylphenidate HCl
Clopixol Acuphase (trademark) zuclopenthixol acetate
Clopixol (trademark) zuclopenthixol
Aptin (trademark) alprenolol
Caverject (trademark) alprostadil
Benza Block S (trademark) (Japanese) cold tablets
AttoPhos (trademark) fluorescent substrate
Amaryl (trademark) glimepiride
Aldara (trademark) imiquimod
Acetest (trademark) serum ketone bodies
Vaxfectin (trademark) a novel cationic liposome formulation
Epilim Chrono (trademark) sodium valproate/valproic acid mixture
Epilim (trademark) sodium valproate
Triampur (trademark) hydrochlorothiazide
In-Check Dial (trademark) inhalation airflow meter
In-Check (trademark) portable inspiratory flow meter
LiquiVent (trademark) perflubron
Omnicide (trademark) glutaraldehyde
Seda-Presomen (trademark) conjugated estrogens
Presomen (trademark) conjugated estrogens
TwinLook cement (trademark) adhesive material
Rheumon (trademark) etofenamate
TransCyte (trademark) synthetic tissue
Telone II (trademark) 1,3-Dichloropropene preplant soil fumigant
Uniphyllin (trademark) theophylline
Stemetil (trademark) prochlorperazine
Bufferin (trademark) aspirin and dialminate
Citro-Soda (trademark) sodium citrate
Dalacin V (trademark) clindamycin
Dalacin T (trademark) clindamycin
Dalacin C (trademark) clindamycin
Dalacin (trademark) clindamycin
Orathecin (trademark) rubitecan
DepoCyt (trademark) cytarabine
Novo-Pyrexal (trademark) lipopolysaccharide from salmonella abortus equi
Pyrexal (trademark) purified lipopolysaccharide
Profasi (trademark) urinary hCG
Polident (trademark) denture cleanser
Pivalone (trademark) tixocortol pivalate
Elohes (trademark) hydroxyethyl starch
Pharmorubicin (trademark) Epirubicin hydrochloride
Fomblin Y (trademark) perfluoropolyether
Fomblin HC (trademark) perfluoropolyether
Fomblin (trademark) perfluoropolyether
Germall 115 (trademark) imidazolidinyl urea
Germall II (trademark) diazolidinyl urea
Palavit (trademark) dental material
Ocuflox (trademark) ofloxacin ophthalmic solution
Nutramin (trademark) dietary supplement
Klean-Prep (trademark) polyethylene glycol
Monocryl (trademark) polyglecaprone 25
OptiMARK (trademark) gadoversetamide
LifeSite (trademark) medical devices
Lentaron (trademark) formestane
Lactrase (trademark) dietary Aid in the digestion of lactose
Krazy glue (trademark) cyanoacrylate adhesive
Priscoline (trademark) tolazoline
Renitec (trademark) enalapril maleate
Revasc (trademark) desirudin
Scopoderm (trademark) scopolamine
Sorbsan (trademark) calcium alginate fiber dressing
CytoGam (trademark) cytomegalovirus immune globulin
Daktarin (trademark) miconazole
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