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subacidic adj, positive
sub-acidic adj, positive
subamnesic adj, positive
subanastomotic adj, positive
sub-anastomotic adj, positive
subanticoagulant adj, positive
sub-anticoagulant adj, positive
subarid adj, positive
sub-arid adj, positive
subarthropathic adj, positive
subastrocytic adj, positive
subatlantal adj, positive
sub-atlantal adj, positive
subblastoporal adj, positive
sub-blastoporal adj, positive
subcadmium adj, positive
subcallosum adj, positive
subcardiovascular adj, positive
sub-cardiovascular adj, positive
subcomatose adj, positive
sub-comatose adj, positive
subconfusional adj, positive
subconsequent adj, positive
subcrystalline adj, positive
sub-crystalline adj, positive
subcuspal adj, positive
subcytocidal adj, positive
sub-cytocidal adj, positive
subdartos adj, positive
sub-dartos adj, positive
subdepressant adj, positive
sub-depressant adj, positive
antisiphonage adj, positive
anti-siphonage adj, positive
antispasmic adj, positive
anti-spasmic adj, positive
antistimulant adj, positive
anti-stimulant adj, positive
antistimulator adj, positive
anti-stimulator adj, positive
subdomainal adj, positive
subdual adj, positive
subdyskinetic adj, positive
subemergent adj, positive
sub-emergent adj, positive
subendodermal adj, positive
sub-endodermal adj, positive
subepimyocardial adj, positive
sub-epimyocardial adj, positive
suberythrodermic adj, positive
sub-erythrodermic adj, positive
subfemtoliter adj, positive
sub-femtoliter adj, positive
subflagellar adj, positive
subfusogenic adj, positive
sub-fusogenic adj, positive
sub-Gaussian adj, positive
subgaussian adj, positive
subhepatical adj, positive
subhexaploid adj, positive
sub-hexaploid adj, positive
subinfected adj, positive
subintentioned adj, positive
sub-intentioned adj, positive
subionized adj, positive
sub-ionized adj, positive
subionised adj, positive
sub-ionised adj, positive
subketotic adj, positive
subleptomeningeal adj, positive
sub-leptomeningeal adj, positive
submalignant adj, positive
submelting adj, positive
sub-melting adj, positive
submeristematic adj, positive
sub-meristematic adj, positive
submillivolt adj, positive
sub-millivolt adj, positive
submodular adj, positive
submountain adj, positive
sub-mountain adj, positive
submyometrial adj, positive
sub-myometrial adj, positive
subnasoalveolar adj, positive
sub-nasoalveolar adj, positive
subneocortical adj, positive
sub-neocortical adj, positive
subneurotic adj, positive
sub-neurotic adj, positive
subnucleoplasmic adj, positive
sub-nucleoplasmic adj, positive
suborganismal adj, positive
sub-organismal adj, positive
subosmometric adj, positive
suboval adj, positive
sub-oval adj, positive
subpapillar adj, positive
sub-papillar adj, positive
subpartial adj, positive
sub-partial adj, positive
subpedicular adj, positive
sub-pedicular adj, positive
subperidermal adj, positive
sub-peridermal adj, positive
subperiostitic adj, positive
subperipheral adj, positive
sub-peripheral adj, positive
subpineal adj, positive
sub-pineal adj, positive
subplastidic adj, positive
sub-plastidic adj, positive
subpolymorphic adj, positive
sub-polymorphic adj, positive
subprophylactic adj, positive
sub-prophylactic adj, positive
subproximal adj, positive
sub-proximal adj, positive
subrepetitive adj, positive
sub-repetitive adj, positive
subretrofascial adj, positive
sub-Sahel adj, positive
subsahel adj, positive
subscar adj, positive
sub-scar adj, positive
subsenescent adj, positive
sub-senescent adj, positive
subsinusal adj, positive
subsustentacular adj, positive
subsyngeneic adj, positive
antistomach adj, positive
anti-stomach adj, positive
antistromal adj, positive
anti-stromal adj, positive
antistrychnine adj, positive
anti-strychnine adj, positive
subtorcular adj, positive
subtrapezoid adj, positive
sub-trapezoid adj, positive
subtruncal adj, positive
antitapeworm adj, positive
anti-tapeworm adj, positive
antitear adj, positive
anti-tear adj, positive
antithermal adj, positive
anti-thermal adj, positive
antithromboembolism adj, positive
anti-thromboembolism adj, positive
antithrombophlebitic adj, positive
anti-thrombophlebitic adj, positive
antitoxocaral adj, positive
anti-toxocaral adj, positive
antitriatomic adj, positive
anti-triatomic adj, positive
antitrinitrophenol adj, positive
anti-trinitrophenol adj, positive
antitrout adj, positive
anti-trout adj, positive
antiturbulent adj, positive
anti-turbulent adj, positive
antivaccinial adj, positive
anti-vaccinial adj, positive
antivertebral adj, positive
anti-vertebral adj, positive
antivisna adj, positive
anti-visna adj, positive
antivitellin adj, positive
anti-vitellin adj, positive
antiwhole adj, positive
anti-whole adj, positive
subunitary adj, positive
sub-unitary adj, positive
subvaricose adj, positive
subvectorette adj, positive
anti-Yersinia adj, positive
antiyersinia adj, positive
anti-yersinia adj, positive
subvent adj, positive
sub-vent adj, positive
subzonate adj, positive
superampullar adj, positive
superblue adj, positive
super-blue adj, positive
superchromomeric adj, positive
superdiamagnetic adj, positive
super-diamagnetic adj, positive
superdispersed adj, positive
superdisperse adj, positive
superdry adj, positive
super-dry adj, positive
super dry adj, positive
superfatted adj, positive
super-fatted adj, positive
super fatted adj, positive
superfertile adj, positive
super-fertile adj, positive
super fertile adj, positive
superflexible adj, positive
super-flexible adj, positive
super flexible adj, positive
superhybrid adj, positive
super-hybrid adj, positive
super hybrid adj, positive
superhypotonic adj, positive
super-hypotonic adj, positive
superinelastic adj, positive
super-inelastic adj, positive
superlight adj, positive
super-light adj, positive
super light adj, positive
superlobar adj, positive
supermicro adj, positive
super-micro adj, positive
super micro adj, positive
supermild adj, positive
super-mild adj, positive
super mild adj, positive
supermutable adj, positive
super-mutable adj, positive
supernucleophilic adj, positive
super-nucleophilic adj, positive
superpersistent adj, positive
super-persistent adj, positive
superpolished adj, positive
super-polished adj, positive
supersecretory adj, positive
supersegmentary adj, positive
postrecession adj, positive
post-recession adj, positive
prerecession adj, positive
pre-recession adj, positive
supersmart adj, positive
super-smart adj, positive
superspecialized adj, positive
super-specialized adj, positive
superspecialised adj, positive
super-specialised adj, positive
supersteep adj, positive
super-steep adj, positive
supersystemic adj, positive
super-systemic adj, positive
superthermophilic adj, positive
supertransparent adj, positive
supervalent adj, positive
super-valent adj, positive
supervulnerable adj, positive
super-vulnerable adj, positive
supraadult adj, positive
supra-adult adj, positive
supraampullar adj, positive
supra-ampullar adj, positive
supraangular adj, positive
supra-angular adj, positive
supraapical adj, positive
supra-apical adj, positive
supraauricular adj, positive
supra-auricular adj, positive
supracapacity adj, positive
supra-capacity adj, positive
supracentimetric adj, positive
supracephalic adj, positive
supra-cephalic adj, positive
supraciliar adj, positive
supracontrol adj, positive
supracryoscopic adj, positive
supradental adj, positive
supra-dental adj, positive
supradietary adj, positive
supra-dietary adj, positive
supra dietary adj, positive
supraelevator adj, positive
supra-elevator adj, positive
supraerythema adj, positive
suprafemoral adj, positive
suprafollicular adj, positive
supragene adj, positive
supra-gene adj, positive
suprahumeral adj, positive
supra-humeral adj, positive
supralaminal adj, positive
supra-laminal adj, positive
supralexical adj, positive
supra-lexical adj, positive
supralobar adj, positive
supralymphatic adj, positive
prerelapse adj, positive
pre-relapse adj, positive
preremedial adj, positive
pre-remedial adj, positive
preretrofit adj, positive
pre-retrofit adj, positive
prerotatory adj, positive
pre-rotatory adj, positive
presaline adj, positive
pre-saline adj, positive
prescald adj, positive
pre-scald adj, positive
prescopic adj, positive
pre-scopic adj, positive
supramatrical adj, positive
supraminimal adj, positive
supra-minimal adj, positive
supranavicular adj, positive
suprapial adj, positive
supra-pial adj, positive
suprapostural adj, positive
supra-postural adj, positive
suprapure adj, positive
supra-pure adj, positive
suprareticular adj, positive
supra-reticular adj, positive
suprasphincteral adj, positive
suprasplenic adj, positive
supra-splenic adj, positive
suprastriate adj, positive
supra-striate adj, positive
supratherapeutical adj, positive
supra-therapeutical adj, positive
supratoxic adj, positive
supra-toxic adj, positive
supratracheal adj, positive
supratumoural adj, positive
supra-tumoural adj, positive
supratumoral adj, positive
supra-tumoral adj, positive
suprauterine adj, positive
supra-uterine adj, positive
supravisceral adj, positive
ultracompetitive adj, positive
ultracryo adj, positive
ultra-cryo adj, positive
ultradense adj, positive
ultra-dense adj, positive
preseminal adj, positive
pre-seminal adj, positive
ultraliberal adj, positive
ultra-liberal adj, positive
ultraluminal adj, positive
ultra-luminal adj, positive
ultramicrocoulometric adj, positive
ultraprotective adj, positive
ultraradian adj, positive
ultra-radian adj, positive
ultrascopic adj, positive
ultraselfish adj, positive
ultrathermophilic adj, positive
ultra-thermophilic adj, positive
unabrasive adj, positive
unacquired adj, positive
unambulatory adj, positive
uncaffeinated adj, positive
uncatalytic adj, positive
unconfluent adj, positive
uncontentious adj, positive
uncosmetic adj, positive
uncyclopleged adj, positive
undisabled adj, positive
undiscriminatory adj, positive
unequiaxed adj, positive
unequiprobable adj, positive
unexceptable adj, positive
unexpedient adj, positive
unexplorable adj, positive
unfermentative adj, positive
unfound adj, positive
ungenerative adj, positive
ungratifying adj, positive
ungratifying adj, positive;periph
unincluded adj, positive
unindependent adj, positive
uninfectible adj, positive
uninfectable adj, positive
uningestible adj, positive
uninvadable adj, positive
prespastic adj, positive
pre-spastic adj, positive
prespecific adj, positive
pre-specific adj, positive
presplenial adj, positive
pre-splenial adj, positive
unliberated adj, positive
unmeaningful adj, positive
unmodulatory adj, positive
unordinary adj, positive
unprime adj, positive
unrelatable adj, positive
unrelentless adj, positive
unrestorative adj, positive
unroutine adj, positive
unsettleable adj, positive
unshifting adj, positive
unsilicified adj, positive
unspecifical adj, positive
unstageable adj, positive
unstatistical adj, positive
unsuccinylated adj, positive
unsupplemental adj, positive
prestimulative adj, positive
pre-stimulative adj, positive
prestrand adj, positive
pre-strand adj, positive
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