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73392001Urinalysis, bacteriuria screen (procedure)
"Urinalysis, WBC esterase method"
"Urinalysis, bacteriuria screen"
Urine nitrite test
Bacteriuria screening
69376001Urinalysis, glucose, qualitative (procedure)
Urine test for glucose
"Urinalysis, glucose, qualitative"
63840000Urinalysis, sediment examination, centrifuged (procedure)
"Urinalysis, sediment examination, centrifuged"
60218003Urinalysis, protein, qualitative (procedure)
"Urinalysis, protein, qualitative"
53853004Urinalysis, reagent strip without microscopy (procedure)
"Urinalysis, dipstick method"
"Rapid urine screening test, NOS"
"Urinalysis, qualitative, chemical"
"Urinalysis, reagent strip without microscopy"
50044008Urinalysis, acetoacetic acid-diacetic acid measurement (procedure)
"Acetoacetic acid measurement, urine"
"Urinalysis, acetoacetic acid-diacetic acid measurement"
47615003Urinalysis, acetone or ketone bodies measurement (procedure)
"Urinalysis, acetone or ketone bodies measurement"
442468009Urinalysis with reflex to microscopy
Urinalysis with reflex to microscopy (procedure)
441550005Urinalysis with reflex to microscopy and culture
Urinalysis with reflex to microscopy and culture (procedure)
337439000Urinalysis test strips
Urinalysis test strips (physical object)
28533005Urinalysis, sediment examination, uncentrifuged (procedure)
"Urinalysis, sediment examination, uncentrifuged"
27260001Urinalysis, routine and microscopic (procedure)
"Urinalysis, reagent strip with microscopy"
"Urinalysis, complete"
"Urinalysis, routine and microscopic"
27171005Urinalysis (procedure)
Urinalysis procedure
"Urinalysis, NOS"
"Urinalysis procedure, NOS"
2278000Urinalysis, automated (procedure)
"Urinalysis, automated"
"Urinalysis, automated, NOS"
20501000Urinalysis, specific gravity measurement (procedure)
"Urinalysis, specific gravity measurement"
Urine specific gravity
"Specific gravity measurement, urine"
Urine specific gravity level
167222005Abnormal urinalysis (finding)
Abnormal urinalysis
Urinalysis = abnormal
167221003Urinalysis = no abnormality (finding)
Urinalysis = no abnormality
Urine test normal
167220002Urinalysis requested (situation)
Urinalysis requested
167218000Urine examination - general (& [MSU] or [urinalysis]) (procedure)
Urine exam. - general
Urinalysis - general
MSU - general
Urine examination - general (& [MSU] or [urinalysis])
144459006Urinalysis = abnormal (situation)
Urinalysis = abnormal
144458003Urinalysis = no abnormality (situation)
Urinalysis = no abnormality
144457008Urinalysis requested (situation)
Urinalysis requested
144455000Urine examination - general (& [MSU] or [urinalysis]) (procedure)
MSU - general
Urinalysis - general
Urine examination - general (& [MSU] or [urinalysis])
Urine exam. - general
13956007Urine concentration test (procedure)
Urine concentration test
"Urinalysis, sediment examination, centrifuged"
127800008Microscopic urinalysis (procedure)
Microscopic urinalysis
Urine microscopy
11184008Urinalysis, blood, qualitative (procedure)
"Chemical test for occult blood, urine"
"Urinalysis, blood, qualitative"
105366003Urinalysis, pyuria screen (procedure)
"Urinalysis, WBC esterase method"
"Urinalysis, pyuria screen"
105362001Urinalysis, automated, without microscopy (procedure)
"Urinalysis, automated, without microscopy"
105361008Urinalysis, automated, with microscopy (procedure)
"Urinalysis, automated, with microscopy"
105360009Urinalysis, reagent strip with microscopy (procedure)
"Urinalysis, reagent strip with microscopy"
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