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standardizes the diagnostic and therapeutic terminology of osteopathy.

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C0013313 ENG AOTDura Mater
C0013313 ENG AOTDura Mater
C0014653 ENG AOTEquilibrium
C0014653 ENG AOTEquilibrium
C0015641 ENG AOTFascia
C0015641 ENG AOTFascia
C0023221 ENG AOTLeg Length Inequality
C0023221 ENG AOTLeg Length Inequality
C0024031 ENG AOTLow Back Pain
C0024031 ENG AOTLow Back Pain
C0025118 ENG AOTMedicine
C0025118 ENG AOTMedicine
C0026339 ENG AOTModels, Biological
C0026339 ENG AOTModels, Biological
C0026649 ENG AOTMovement
C0026649 ENG AOTMovement
C0030198 ENG AOTPain Measurement
C0030198 ENG AOTPain Measurement
C0030247 ENG AOTPalpation
C0030247 ENG AOTPalpation
C0031536 ENG AOTPhilosophy, Medical
C0031536 ENG AOTPhilosophy, Medical
C0031809 ENG AOTPhysical Examination
C0031809 ENG AOTPhysical Examination
C0031831 ENG AOTPhysicians
C0031831 ENG AOTPhysicians
C0031845 ENG AOTPhysiological Processes
C0031845 ENG AOTPhysiological Processes
C0035168 ENG AOTResearch
C0035168 ENG AOTResearch
C0035561 ENG AOTRibs
C0035561 ENG AOTRibs
C0037459 ENG AOTSocieties, Medical
C0037459 ENG AOTSocieties, Medical
C0037949 ENG AOTSpine
C0037949 ENG AOTSpine
C0039058 ENG AOTPathological Conditions, Signs & Symptoms
C0039058 ENG AOTPathological Conditions, Signs & Symptoms
C0039796 ENG AOTTherapeutics
C0039796 ENG AOTTherapeutics
C0039987 ENG AOTThoracic Vertebrae
C0039987 ENG AOTThoracic Vertebrae
C0203936 ENG AOTThrust Technique
C0203936 ENG AOTThrust Method
C0203936 ENG AOTThrust Treatment
C0203939 ENG AOTIndirect Treatment
C0203939 ENG AOTIndirect Technique
C0203939 ENG AOTIndirect Method
C0225317 ENG AOTSoft Tissue
C0234112 ENG AOTFacilitation
C0234112 ENG AOTFacilitated Segment
C0234112 ENG AOTSpinal Facilitation
C0264202 ENG AOTSomatic Dysfunction
C0332768 ENG AOTSubluxation
C0452255 ENG AOTInhibition Reflex
C0458224 ENG AOTPiriformis Syndrome
C0525034 ENG AOTDiagnostic Techniques and Procedures
C0596002 ENG AOTReflex
C0695600 ENG AOTMyofascial Release
C0695600 ENG AOTMyofascial Release Method
C0695600 ENG AOTMyofascial Release Technique
C0695600 ENG AOTMyofascial Release Treatment
C0949744 ENG AOTManipulation, Osteopathic
C1262869 ENG AOTPosture
C1286152 ENG AOTRib Movement
C1286152 ENG AOTRib Motion
C1321605 ENG AOTPatient Compliance
C1508663 ENG AOTInhalation Rib Dysfunction
C1508663 ENG AOTAnterior Rib
C1508663 ENG AOTElevated Rib
C1508663 ENG AOTExhalation Rib Restriction
C1508663 ENG AOTCaught in Inhalation
C1508663 ENG AOTInhalation Strain
C1512020 ENG AOTDO
C1561974 ENG AOTSacral Shear
C1561975 ENG AOTCaliper Rib Motion
C1561975 ENG AOTCaliper Movement
C1561980 ENG AOTCranial Somatic Dysfunction
C1561996 ENG AOTSacral Torsion
C1562003 ENG AOTSuperior Innominate Shear
C1562021 ENG AOTAnterior Superior Iliac Spine Compression Test
C1562021 ENG AOTASIS Compression Test
C1562021 ENG AOTIlial Compression Test
C1562021 ENG AOTIlial Rocking Test
C1562021 ENG AOTAnterior Compression Test
C1562041 ENG AOTUnilateral Sacral Extension
C1562042 ENG AOTRib Somatic Dysfunction
C1562042 ENG AOTCostal Dysfunction
C1562042 ENG AOTRib Lesion
C1562054 ENG AOTSplenic Pump Technique
C1562054 ENG AOTSplenic Pump
C1562055 ENG AOTBilateral Sacral Flexion
C1562073 ENG AOTOsteopathic Structural Examination
C1562073 ENG AOTStructural Examination
C1562085 ENG AOTCervical Somatic Dysfunction
C1562102 ENG AOTCraniosacral Manipulation
C1562119 ENG AOTPubic Gapping
C1562119 ENG AOTPubic Abduction
C1562121 ENG AOTMandibular Drainage Technique
C1562121 ENG AOTGalbraith Method
C1562121 ENG AOTGalbraith Technique
C1562121 ENG AOTGalbreath Method
C1562121 ENG AOTMandibular Drainage
C1562121 ENG AOTMandibular Drainage Method
C1562121 ENG AOTMandibular Drainage Treatment
C1562121 ENG AOTGalbraith Treatment
C1562121 ENG AOTGalbreath Technique
C1562121 ENG AOTGalbreath Treatment
C1562129 ENG AOTCranial Manipulation
C1562129 ENG AOTOsteopathy in the Cranial Field
C1562129 ENG AOTCranial Method
C1562129 ENG AOTCranial Technique
C1562129 ENG AOTCranial Treatment
C1562164 ENG AOTPosterior Innominate Rotation
C1562167 ENG AOTAnkle Somatic Dysfunction
C1562168 ENG AOTPosterior Sacrum
C1562169 ENG AOTFacilitated Oscillatory Release Technique
C1562169 ENG AOTFacilitated Oscillatory Release Method
C1562169 ENG AOTFacilitated Oscillatory Release Treatment
C1562171 ENG AOTSegmental Diagnosis
C1562188 ENG AOTUnilateral Sacral Flexion
C1562191 ENG AOTSuperior Pubic Shear
C1562191 ENG AOTCephalad Pubic Dysfunction
C1562192 ENG AOTOutflared Innominate
C1562198 ENG AOTToggle Technique
C1562198 ENG AOTToggle Method
C1562198 ENG AOTToggle Treatment
C1562206 ENG AOTInferior Pubic Shear
C1562206 ENG AOTInferior Pubis
C1562218 ENG AOTInflared Innominate
C1562225 ENG AOTAnterior Innominate Rotation
C1562225 ENG AOTAnterior Iliac Rotation
C1562231 ENG AOTSphenobasilar Synchondrosis Compression
C1562231 ENG AOTSBS Compression
C1562236 ENG AOTOsteopathic Physician
C1562236 ENG AOTPhysicians, Osteopathic
C1562236 ENG AOTOsteopath
C1562236 ENG AOTDoctor of Osteopathy
C1562262 ENG AOTSphenobasilar Synchondrosis Somatic Dysfunction
C1562271 ENG AOTSacral Motion Axis
C1562311 ENG AOTInferior Transverse Axis
C1562311 ENG AOTInnominate Axis
C1562326 ENG AOTPsoas Syndrome
C1562353 ENG AOTAnterior Sacrum
C1562368 ENG AOTLigamentous Articular Strain Technique
C1562368 ENG AOTLigamentous Articular Strain Method
C1562368 ENG AOTLigamentous Articular Strain Treatment
C1562379 ENG AOTInferior Innominate Shear
C1562392 ENG AOTLigamentous Strain
C1562397 ENG AOTPostural Axis
C1562415 ENG AOTSkin Drag
C1562415 ENG AOTDrag
C1562425 ENG AOTExhalation Rib Dysfunction
C1562425 ENG AOTDepressed Rib
C1562425 ENG AOTExhaled Rib
C1562425 ENG AOTInhalation Rib Restriction
C1562425 ENG AOTCaught in Exhalation
C1562425 ENG AOTExhalation Strain
C1562447 ENG AOTBucket Handle Rib Motion
C1562447 ENG AOTAnteroposterior Rib Axis
C1562447 ENG AOTBucket Handle
C1562447 ENG AOTBucket Handle Motion
C1562457 ENG AOTChapman Reflex
C1562457 ENG AOTChapman`s Reflexes
C1562457 ENG AOTChapman`s Reflex
C1562461 ENG AOTSpringing Technique
C1562461 ENG AOTSpringing Method
C1562461 ENG AOTSpringing Treatment
C1562466 ENG AOTMuscle Energy Technique
C1562466 ENG AOTMuscle Energy Method
C1562466 ENG AOTMuscle Energy
C1562466 ENG AOTMuscle Energy Treatment
C1562506 ENG AOTJones Technique
C1562506 ENG AOTJones Counterstrain
C1562506 ENG AOTJones Method
C1562506 ENG AOTJones Treatment
C1562508 ENG AOTInhibitory Pressure Technique
C1562508 ENG AOTInhibitory Pressure Method
C1562508 ENG AOTInhibitory Pressure Treatment
C1562516 ENG AOTThoracic Somatic Dysfunction
C1562566 ENG AOTKey Lesion
C1562584 ENG AOTMobilization with Impulse Technique
C1562584 ENG AOTMobilization with Impulse Method
C1562584 ENG AOTMobilization with Impulse Treatment
C1562588 ENG AOTInferior Ilium
C1562615 ENG AOTManual Medicine
C1562620 ENG AOTHand Somatic Dysfunction
C1562624 ENG AOTLumbosacral Spring Test
C1562624 ENG AOTSpring Test
C1562625 ENG AOTPedal Pump
C1562625 ENG AOTDalrymple Treatment
C1562625 ENG AOTDalrymple Method
C1562625 ENG AOTDalrymple Technique
C1562625 ENG AOTPedal Fascial Pump
C1562632 ENG AOTHoover Technique
C1562632 ENG AOTFunctional Method
C1562632 ENG AOTFunctional Technique
C1562632 ENG AOTFunctional Treatment
C1562632 ENG AOTHoover Method
C1562632 ENG AOTHoover Treatment
C1562683 ENG AOTThoracic Pump
C1562684 ENG AOTLigamentous Articular Strain
C1562686 ENG AOTSacral Somatic Dysfunction
C1562692 ENG AOTOsteopathic Postural Examination
C1562710 ENG AOTInnominate Rotation
C1562727 ENG AOTSpencer Technique
C1562727 ENG AOTSpencer Method
C1562727 ENG AOTSpencer Treatment
C1562758 ENG AOTSacral Extension
C1562800 ENG AOTTraction Technique
C1562800 ENG AOTTraction Method
C1562800 ENG AOTTraction Treatment
C1562810 ENG AOTElbow Somatic Dysfunction
C1562811 ENG AOTLigament Somatic Dysfunction
C1562825 ENG AOTKnee Somatic Dysfunction
C1562837 ENG AOTPercussion Vibrator Technique
C1562837 ENG AOTFulford Percussion Vibratory Hammer Approach
C1562837 ENG AOTPercussion Vibrator Method
C1562837 ENG AOTPercussion Vibrator Treatment
C1562856 ENG AOTPosterior Translated Sacrum
C1562860 ENG AOTOblique Axis
C1562863 ENG AOTForearm Somatic Dysfunction
C1562874 ENG AOTAbdominal Somatic Dysfunction
C1562888 ENG AOTProgressive Inhibition of Neuromuscular Structures
C1562920 ENG AOTAnterior Translated Sacrum
C1562924 ENG AOTLymphatic Pump
C1562926 ENG AOTRange of Motion Technique
C1562926 ENG AOTRange of Motion Method
C1562926 ENG AOTRange of Motion Treatment
C1562931 ENG AOTPump Handle Rib Motion
C1562931 ENG AOTPump Handle Motion
C1562931 ENG AOTPump Handle
C1562950 ENG AOTViscero-Somatic Reflex
C1562983 ENG AOTBilateral Sacral Extension
C1562984 ENG AOTPosterior Pubic Shear
C1562987 ENG AOTMembranous Articular Strain
C1562998 ENG AOTMiddle Transverse Axis
C1563008 ENG AOTDiagonal Axis
C1563015 ENG AOTExaggeration Method
C1563015 ENG AOTExaggeration Technique
C1563015 ENG AOTExaggeration Treatment
C1563022 ENG AOTBackward Bending Test
C1563025 ENG AOTArm Somatic Dysfunction
C1563028 ENG AOTRotation Dysfunction of the Sacrum
C1563028 ENG AOTRotated Dysfunction of the Sacrum
C1563028 ENG AOTRotation of Sacrum
C1563035 ENG AOTMesenteric Release Technique
C1563035 ENG AOTMesenteric Lift
C1563035 ENG AOTMesenteric Release Method
C1563035 ENG AOTMesenteric Release
C1563035 ENG AOTMesenteric Release Treatment
C1563056 ENG AOTMotion Barrier
C1563069 ENG AOTPubic Compression
C1563069 ENG AOTPubic Adduction
C1563073 ENG AOTAccessory Movement
C1563074 ENG AOTHip Somatic Dysfunction
C1563083 ENG AOTPelvic Index
C1563107 ENG AOTSacral Flexion
C1563121 ENG AOTSacral Base Declination
C1563121 ENG AOTSacral Base Unleveling
C1563129 ENG AOTCraniosacral Extension
C1563147 ENG AOTLumbar Somatic Dysfunction
C1563149 ENG AOTBalanced Ligamentous Tension Technique
C1563149 ENG AOTBalanced Ligamentous Tension
C1563149 ENG AOTBalanced Ligamentous Tension Method
C1563149 ENG AOTBalanced Ligamentous Tension Treatment
C1563162 ENG AOTEnd Feel
C1563164 ENG AOTRopiness
C1563167 ENG AOTDownslipped Innominate
C1563184 ENG AOTOsteopathic Lesion
C1563204 ENG AOTSomato-Somatic Reflex
C1563214 ENG AOTCounterstrain Technique
C1563214 ENG AOTCounterstrain
C1563214 ENG AOTCounterstrain Method
C1563214 ENG AOTCounterstrain Treatment
C1563222 ENG AOTArticulatory Treatment
C1563222 ENG AOTArticulatory Method
C1563222 ENG AOTArticulatory Treatment System
C1563222 ENG AOTArticulatory Technique
C1563226 ENG AOTHepatic Pump
C1563226 ENG AOTLiver Pump
C1563229 ENG AOTCraniosacral Flexion
C1563235 ENG AOTAnterior Pubic Shear
C1563236 ENG AOTStill Technique
C1563236 ENG AOTStill Treatment
C1563241 ENG AOTMembranous Balance
C1563245 ENG AOTLesioned Component
C1563266 ENG AOTSphenobasilar Synchondrosis Lateral Strain
C1563266 ENG AOTSBS Lateral Strain
C1563266 ENG AOTLateral Strain
C1571809 ENG AOTVisceral Manipulation

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