The website has been registered in 2004. The owner, author, developer, and administrator of the site is Gayane Margaryan.. In 2005, the website participated in the All-Armenian electronic content contest dedicated to the 1600th anniversary of the Armenian alphabet, was admitted the winner in the category "E-Health" and captured the award "Mashtots-1600". In the same year, the website represented Armenia at the World Summit Award 2005. Website has been evaluated by the WSA 2005 Grand Jury in Bahrain, September 3-10, 2005 and was selected in Top 10 of best products and applications in category of e-healthcare among the products from 168 countries and was announced at the WSA 2005 Gala, during the second phase of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), in Tunis, November 16th.
In the first version, the site contained sections: library, news, a catalog of doctors and medical centers, photo gallery, chat room, and forum.

Since 2008 and up to now hundreds of medical dictionaries of UMLS have been presented, in many languages, which are constantly updated. The website can be used for free automatic translation of medical terminology in different languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Russian, Czech, Dutch, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese, Finnish, Latvian, Estonian, Norwegian, Danish, Greek, Polish, Serbian-Croatian, Swedish, Hebrew, Basque. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the terminology, which is preferred or acceptable in the current country.

Also, we perform paid professional translation from English into Russian and Armenian, development of medical websites, database analysis with visualization of data. We translate scientific articles, reviews, author's abstracts, dissertations, documentation (epicrisis, medical history, survey results, protocols of operations, expert opinions). All medical translations are performed by specialists.

In the Medical Billing / Coding section, using the search capabilities by one or more words or parts of words, coders and billers can quickly find the desired codes. Today, coders use CPT, HCPCS, ICD10 codes to represent medical procedures for Medicare, Medicaid, and other payers. The work of the medical coder is to translate the report of the health worker about the patient's visit into numeric or alphanumeric codes, which in next step is used by a medical biller to compose a claim to the insurance company and determining the appropriate payment by the patient.

The nomenclature of SNOMED CT covers a wide range of topics, such as patient records, procedures, etiology, etc. It allows you to record medical information at any level of detail. It contains cross-tables, links between SNOMED CT concepts and records in other medical classifiers and coding systems used worldwide, such as ICD, LOINC, OPCS-4 ... It is used for the calculation of the amount of insurance compensation for costs of treatment or preparation of statistical information.

We create websites for doctor offices, medical centres with multilingual support using the SNOMED CT database in Electronic Medical Records and Patient Records, with sections of demographic data, complaints, diagnoses, drugs, immunization, laboratory, procedures, with the Medical Imaging Module (DICOM), and the module for statistics, analysis and reporting, a medical billing module using CPT, HCPCS, ICD9, ICD10 and SNOMED, preparing documents for sending to insurance companies.

Awards. Certificates.
2018. SNOMED CT Content Development Theory Course.
         Certificate: 0e170250-31fa-11e8-a0b1-3b6b1da3eba4

2017. Data Management for Clinical Research by Vanderbilt University. Certificate LBL9JPB2Y4D9
2017. Introduction to Data Science in Python by University of Michigan. Certificate 8SLSTVM9BD2N
         Applied Plotting, Charting & Data Representation in Python. Certificate ME23UHAH9DG6
2017. HI-FIVE: Health Informatics For Innovation, Value & Enrichment by Columbia University
2017. SNOMED CT Implementation Course. Certificate ID: 971eae90-1cfa-11e7-b441-a5f7158dbe56
2015. SNOMED CT Foundation Course. Certificate ID: c18c6ca0-a334-11e5-9a3e-8992e55fdb85
2008. UMLS National Library of Medicine of USA affiliate license.
2008. LOINC Development Team. Regenstrief and IHTSDO. Affiliate.
2005. Award of the nomination of e-health "MASHTOTS 1600".
           Top 10 of e-health in World Summit Award (WSA 2005).

1996-1999. Certificate of Combustiologist. Residency in the National Institute of Health of RA.
1993-1994. General Practitioner Doctor. MC "Armenia."
Read detailed information in the CV of Gayane Margaryan.

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